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Nacho Ricci is a circus artist specialized in Aerial Rope. He was born in Argentine, has been growing up in Mexico and is living now in Barcelona. While his aerial circus training started at the age of 18, his first stage contact was at the age of 13 as an actor and occasionally as a magician.

The very first time Nacho touched the rope was in 2007 at the circus school la Arena (Buenos Aires). From there on he has been specializing in this discipline, being a reference for both style and technique. In his 11 years of experience, he has been working with various companies and at numerous festivals (FICHO, PERIPLO, AIRE FESTIVAL, ASHDOD FESTIVAL, MAC, and of course at CIRQUE DU DEMAIN where he received with the special prize of the jury for his act aquí ahora).


Nacho's scenical mastery make him the perfect artist to work as a soloist or as part of an ensemble – for punctual events as for long term projects.o.

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Part of me


The latest act of Nacho, full of power. A sympathetic character a little bit big headed who is only looking for some fun on the rope. Enjoying the moment and sharing this feeling with the audience is something natural for Nacho.

A special creation???


Nacho has been working on many projects where he made a special piece adapted to a specific context or concept. His technical mastery on the rope and his professional experience make it easy and agreeable to work with him.


Aquí, Ahora


Without doubt a masterpiece on the rope – with this act Nacho marked a before and after. The character climbs the rope blindfolded and with weights attached to his body. He discovers himself and shows an incredible balance between technique and staging. Original music, Special Prize of the Jury of  Cirque du Demain

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